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Since 2007, Dr. Tamara Rojas, D.M.D., P.A. is a Board Certified Periodontist and has been caring for patient’s smiles in Broward, Dade, and Miami counties.  She and her staff offer a range of dental services and utilize many advanced dental technologies to provide teeth in one day.  It is our pleasure to welcome you to our Hollywood, FL facility and look forward to providing you with the compassionate dental care and treatment you deserve with cutting edge Teeth in a Day® procedure.

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Dr. Rojas and her staff are committed to the care and education of our patients. In addition to the patient care we provide, we are always working hard to improve our dental services.  Most importantly, we are constantly striving to help southern Florida individuals and their families find the type of advice and attention they can always rely on and provide Teeth in a Day® whenever possible.

How Teeth in a Day® Works

In years gone by, dental patients weren’t eligible for implant-supported replacement teeth if they didn’t have sufficient jawbone mass.  However, with today’s Teeth in a Day® system, there are specially designed implants that can accommodate almost every level of bone mass.  Furthermore, these implants are available in a range of shapes and sizes thereby eliminating all or most bone grafting procedures.

Four to eight implants will be placed on each arch based on the results of a full jawbone diagnostic analysis.  This enables the dentist to select the exact shape and size of the implant that will work for the amount of jawbone that you have.  With the need for bone grafting all but eliminated, getting implants is more affordable, efficient, and quicker with the TeethXpress System.

Advantages of permanently, fixed-in Teeth

With permanently, fixed-in teeth (implants) you have the following advantages:

    • NO false palate for upper teeth
  • NO painful chewing or sores
  • You can eat the foods you need and want

Fixed_restoration_with_4-6_implants_all_straight_03Teeth In One Day Procedure

We can create three-dimensional images of your jawbone with our state-of-the-art 3D CT scanner.  With meticulous planning and execution of each treatment stage, your dentist will ensure that you will have beautiful, long-lasting, stable results.

Advanced 3D Diagnostics

Initially, you’ll undergo a comprehensive oral exam including a full set of x-rays.  This will enable the dentist to see your entire jawbone volume along with all anatomical structures.  This step is essential where accurately diagnosing and planning treatment are concerned.

Detailed Treatment Plan

By using 3D scanner images, we can determine the number of implants to place in each arch as well as what shape and size works best in each tooth position.  A bone grafting procedure may or may not be required based on your individual circumstances.  Your dentist will inform you of this one way or the other.

Surgical guides – used to mark the exact position of your implants. Using an implant planning software, the dentist will make a customized surgical guide for your jawline. It will fit over the arch of the jawline and mark the places where the implant has to be done.

Get implants and functional teeth the same day – all necessary extractions and the placement of your implants will be performed on the day of your procedure.  You’ll be fitted with a temporary set of teeth while your implants are healing.

You’ll benefit from our advanced treatment equipment as well as the high-quality materials and products that we provide.  Most importantly, you’ll benefit from the care provided by our highly skilled and trained team of professionals.  For more information for New Teeth in One Day, or to schedule an appointment with the dentists, please contact us today at (954) 963-4700.