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Dental Implants

In today’s day and age, patients have lots of choices on where to go for dental implants.  This page is dedicated to teaching patients what questions to ask and how to arrive at a final decision whether you’re replacing a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are an ideal, reliable, long term solution for tooth replacement. The dental implant itself is placed surgically or minimally invasively in the bone.  It is later restored with an abutment and teeth.  It is the most natural feeling and looking replacement to natural teeth.  It can protect and prolong the life of other teeth and/or change your diet and life completely.

Advantages of dental implants

for multiple tooth replacement.

img1_part1 img1_part2

Replacement of multiple teeth with an implants-supported bridge – Adjacent natural teeth remain intact, and bone is preserved over time.

What you should know
  • Most implants are a three part system each with an associated cost:
    • The implant which is the part in bone placed surgically or non-surgically
    • The abutment which is the part that connects the tooth to the implant
    • The restoration (crown/ denture/ hybrid)
  • Dentist placing implants do not have the same training
    • Some general dentist take a one or two day course and then start placing implants
    • Others have specialized training that encompasses placing implants on actual patients
    • Periodontist and Oral surgeons have years of additional specialty training and have practiced placing implants on many patients with hundreds of successful outcomes
  • Not all implants are created equal even if they are made from commercially pure titanium
    • Certain implant companies have spent a lot of time and money on research and design of their implants and for that reason they have less breakage and longer successful outcomes. These companies usually warranty the implant parts.
    • Other implant companies pride themselves on making copies of successful implants and spend money on advertising instead of producing a quality product.
    • Still other implant companies offer more affordable implants and components with very limited warranties.
  • Implants are placed in bone
    • Availability of bone can be determined with radiographs and clinical findings or with the use of a 3D scan.
    • Bone quality and quantity are very important and can affect the look and at times life span of the implant and final esthetic outcomes.
    • If you don’t have adequate bone then grafting can be done predictably and successfully by properly trained clinicians


The advantage of a dental implant

for single-tooth replacements.

bridge-option1     bridge-option2

At our office we place Straumann implants.  Check out their patient website for more information.  They offer a lifetime warranty for the part in bone, and ten years for the abutment (the crown is unusually made by an outside lab but may be covered based on the situation at hand).  We have a 3D scanner which allows us to determine bone quality and quantity as it presents in your mouth.  The 3D Scanner allows us to plan your implant placement without you and do implants non-surgically resulting in little to no discomfort and fast healing. Dr. Rojas is a board certified specialist and has extensive post graduate training and continuing education hours on the implant subject.  We offer the highest level of technology to properly plan each case individually for improved long lasting case outcomes.

Dr. Rojas has had years of training as part of her dental education and continuing education and has placed hundreds of successful implants. Here at our office we will evaluate your particular individual needs. will take radiographs or use her in office CT scanner to evaluate your bone 3 dimensionally and discuss your treatment plan, how long it will take from start to finish and what is involved.  In many cases she works as a team with your dentist to recommend and select parts and pieces for your final restoration.   Dr. Rojas uses Straumann implants.  Straumann is a Swiss implant company that offers a lifetime guarantee on the implant part in bone, 10 years for their stock abutments and 5 years for their customer abutments.  It is important to visit their website patent portal for more information.

If you have dental anxiety and excessive fear of dental treatment we offer sedation options such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation and Intravenous sedation as part of your visit to help facilitate your necessary care.  We are all trained in CPR and the care staff is trained in hands-on ACLS.  This office holds a permit for conscious sedation.   Regardless of whether you have sedation or not, the oral care team will make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit by explaining the procedure and waiting for you to be mentally ready for the services.  We are great at eliminating pain and are sensitive to how you feel.  In the event that you feel pain we stop and give more local anesthetic and continue slowly until you are completely comfortable with the care being provided.

Removable implant-supported denture solutions.

For a comfortable fit.

img3_part1 img3_part2

Removable implant-retained denture with snap-in attachments.

img3_part3 img3_part4

Removable implant-retained denture with a bar attachment.


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