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5000 Hollywood Blvd Suite #4 Hollywood, FL 33021

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5000 Hollywood Blvd Suite #4 Hollywood, FL 33021

Dental Team

Dr. Tamara Rojas is a Board Certified Periodontist providing quality care which required and continues to require continuing education, examination, certification, and re-examination.  To maintain Diplomate Statues with the Board of Periodontology Dr. Rojas is happy to complete 60 credit hours within the scope of periodontics and implant training more then what the dental board requires to be a specialist dental provider.  This continuing education results you receiving proven reliable and advanced specialty care resulting in minimal healing times and faster recovery.

Dr. Rojas is not the only one in her staff that is trained.

The front desk is trained on customer service, scheduling, and insurance protocols to better serve you.  They are aware of the procedures that are done in our office and more specifically the ones you need.  They can help you understand why they are important, and how the process is done so that you feel comfortable with your dental health choices.

The office manager is trained on filling insurance claims, billing, and third party financing.  This can be done for you in a timely matter which results in faster payment and decreased financial stress.

Our assistants are trained in surgery and pain management.  They know about the treatment we provide here at this office so they can answer any questions you might have. They take all the steps to keep you comfortable and pain free.

Even our hygienist is trained on the latest hygiene and surgical techniques and furthers her continuing education.


Tamara Rojas, D.M.D.

Hollywood, FL Dentist, Periodontist, Sedationtamara

Dr. Tamara Rojas was born and raised in sunny South Florida.  She is married to accountant Adam Cedrati who works on Miami Beach for the Boucher Brothers and has two children a daughter Samantha and son Matthew.

Dr. Rojas received her dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA. May 2002.  Immediately following that she matriculated at Nova Southeastern University and recieved her certificate in Periodontology.  In 2006 Dr. Rojas became a Board Certified Periodontist a certification which was revalidated in December of 2009.  In an effort to provide the highest level of implant care to her patients Dr. Rojas took the Advanced Bone Grafting course at the Piko’s Implant Institute in October of 2008.  Realizing the need to treat the underserved, anxious and fearful population, Dr. Rojas went to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2010 and received a Conscious Patient Management with I.V. and Nitrous Sedation Certificate.  The office is permitted and equipped to administer I.V. sedation in addition to Nitrous and oral sedation.  Dr. Rojas cares about her patients and their needs she sees a patient sitting in the chair not a dollar. She belongs to professional organizations and actively participates in continuing education to keep abreast of the latest techniques. Her main concern is to provide quality care resulting in healthy teeth, implants and gums for a lifetime.

Veronica Albert RDH

Veronica Albert has been working in the dental field 40 years and for Dr. Rojas since 2007.  “Ronnie” can honestly say that she has saved teeth as part of her dental career.  Her patients are loyal to her and have been known to follow her from practice to practice because they love how their teeth feel after she has cleaned them. Ronnie isn’t the sales type you find at many other dental offices.  She has no interest in selling you treatment you don’t need as part of your periodontal care. Ronnie spends time going over home care and oral hygiene instruction because it is a necessary part of your overall periodontal success. She takes the time to go over oral hygiene whether it is brushing with a manual or electronic tooth brush, flossing, or using a waterpik.  Your home care is just as important as your dental visit and with good home care and regular dental visits we are able to save your teeth.  Since Ronnie’s’ focus in the specialty of periodontal heath has been longer than 33 years, she knows how and where to remove the bacteria that causes bone and soft tissue damage. The non-surgical care Ronnie provides saves teeth for patients and in some cases eliminates the need to undergo surgical treatment.

Aniet Perez

Aniet has been Dr. Rojas’s surgical assistant and dental team member for more than 9 years.  During her time at the office Aniet has learned a great deal about all of the surgical procedures we provide chair side, from online videos and from continuing education courses.  “Annie” takes all the steps necessary to make you feel comfortable during your visit, starting by getting to know you and the reason for your visit.  She takes necessary radiographs that are important for our evaluation and clinical outcome.  She works as a close team with Dr. Rojas during all our valued procedures.  She is soothing and gentle with your mouth so you have minimal disturbance from care.  If you look uncomfortable for any reason during your visit she will make every attempt to find out why and make any and all attempts to make your experience better.  Dr Rojas office maintains the highest level of cleanliness and infection control.   Annie oversees this process as part of her responsibilities.  She insures that all instruments have been autoclaved / sterilized properly and that all surfaces have been wiped down.  When asked why she loves her job her answer is “to help patients feel comfortable before, during and after periodontal treatment. My personal satisfaction comes from knowing I have helped patients receive valuable necessary dental services.”

group-croppedDoctor Rojas and Staff are here to help you with your dental appointments, insurance, claims, and overall dental health.